when you want to replay a videogame but then you remember that part


The Bank of the Prophet and defending the airship level from Bioshock: Infinite. Also any water level from most games from Zelda to Rachet and Clank.

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Damn right.

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Angela-45 for

ask-that-typhlosion said: Could I request a bunch of Angela-45? She is one hottie~

^ I can definitely do that.

BBW Dragons for Anon [2/2]

BBW Dragons for Anon [1/2]

Anonymous said: I always see sender ones ... don't u got a set of nice ones that are a bit chub .. A bit more curvy? (Seeing ribs or hip bones grosses me off xP )


I’m gonna assume that meant you wanted BBW Dragons. Enjoy.

Sexy Huskies Request [2/2]

Sexy Huskies Request [1/2]